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Girona airport
at only 40 km distance, Girona is the nearest airport. It is beeing approached almost exclusively by Ryanair.

transfer from / to Girona airport:
a) rental car

Barcelona airport / El Prat
Beeing an international airport, Barcelona is beeing approached by a lot of airlines. The distance to Tamariu is approximately 120 km. Trying to find the best flight connection? Have a look at a search engine like

transfer from / to Barcelona airport:
a) rental car
b) Taxi (z.B. mit Taxis Costa Brava, oder Masca Motor)
c) bus to Palafrugell: Moventis / Sarfa Bus

tansfer and mobility:
Of course, there are taxis and public transport, but we advise to rent a car. So you can easily reach any destination and spontaneously visit one of the many attractions in the area.

travelling by car are mobile and have the possibility to bring more luggage with you than in a plane. Via Michelin is a free site which calculates the exact distance, the best route and the expected toll-charges for you. Just enter your hometown and 17212 Tamariu.

! ATTENTION if you use a navigation system !

almost all navigation systems intend to send you on a dirt track between Palafrugell and Tamariu (Cami Vell de Tamariu). Please make sure to follow the signs in Palafrugell and to use "Carrer de Bruguerol" instead.

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