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FAQ - frequently asked questions

FAQ - frequently asked questions
When, where and how can I book a diving package?
Where and how: either in advance by e-mail or upon arrival at the base
When: BEFORE the start of the dive package. A subsequent grouping of individual dives in one package is not possible.

What if I miss a dive / diving-day out of my pre-booked diving package due to illness (ear, stomach problems...)
Even if you miss a few dives because of illness, a dive package is still cheaper than single billing of the dives. However, if you should have to stop diving because of a serious disease, talk to us and we'll find a solution.

Can I share a dive package with someone?
No, the dive packages are personal.

Can I extend a non-limit diving package for a longer period if I do not want to dive every day?
No, the non-limit-packets are designed for a week.
If you want to pause one / two days, book, but simply the "5 of 7" package, or if you want to be completely independent in time, one of our boat packages - which are unlimited in time.

Can I extend a non-limit package by the day?
Yes, we charge then each additional day one seventh of the package price.

Are the boat packages bound in time?
No, there is no time limit.

Being a diver with less than 30 dives, why should I do an accompanied familiarization dive at the housereef?
For your own fun and for your own safety! Finally, the conditions are different everywhere, maybe you have a new piece of equipment or didn't dive for a longer period...
With such a familiarization dive you've got the opportunity to test the proper amount of lead and you get used to the equipment in a relaxed way. In addition, you have a professional with you, who can show you many interesting creatures.

I'm an independent diver. Why do I have to pay for a dive at the housereef?
This price includes: bottle filling, use of basic infrastructure such as terrace, shower, toilet, safe storage of dry matters during the dive, a detailed briefing, friendly service, always helping hands ...

Why are tanks and weight not included in the dive-price?
Unlike many other bases, we offer the opportunity to bring, fill and dive private bottles. So we split our prices in dive- and rental-prices to stay fair.

Does the rental price of the bottle include the filling or do I have to pay extra?
The fillings of the bottles are included in the dive prices.
That means you pay your dives plus rental fee for required equipment, including bottle and lead.

Why does my private bottle need an additional internal visual inspection?
We are pleased to fill private bottles of all sizes, but they must meet the local inspection regulations:
Technical inspection (TÜV) not older than 3 years + visual check is not older than 1 year

Can you fill 300 bar bottles?
We can fill 300 bar tanks via adapter, but only up to 200 bar.

Do you offer Nitrox?

Can I bring my Rebreather?
Yes of course.
For technical process:
We have no soda lime at the base, please remember to bring your own.
Regarding oxygen fillings please contact us in advance in order to clarify the issue adapter or filling hose.
For organizational process:
long house reef dives are - within our opening hours - no problem at all.
The dive time limit for boat dives is 60 min, so as not to make the other guests waiting too long.

Why don't the bottles show more than 190 bar?
Due to the local law, we must not exceed the pressure of 200 bar in the filling process. During that process the bottles heat up, when they cool down afterwards, the pressure falls down to around 190 bar.

Why does a night dive cost more than a normal dive?
Because of the expense and staff costs are higher.

Are night dives included in the dive packages?

When do you carry out night dives?
Mostly Mondays or Wednesdays, once a week. In addition, the weather conditions have to be right and a minimum number of participants has to be reached.

Do you offer dives / diving courses for children?
Yes, we offer introductory dives and diving courses for children-children from 8 years.
These are carried out from the shore and in small groups. As trained IAC Kids instructors we stay within the
IAC depth limits:
under 10 years: max 3 m
from 10 years: age = depth limit

Do you offer childcare?
Sorry, this is not possible.

Can I bring my pet (dog, cat ...) with me to a rental apartment?

Unfortunately, this is possible only in some selected apartments. Please let us know your individual requirements and we will try to find something suitable.

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