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company history

Stolli's history
„Stolli“ Günter Stolberg discovered his love for the Costa Brava and diving a long time ago.
In 1971 he founded his Divebase in Tamariu,
then it was located in the house now known as "Can Maset"

from 1972 to 1977
he also runs a dive center in Turtle Bay, Kenya.
from 1978 to 1990
he spent the winter in the Maldives, on his legendary divers island Furana.
With his boat "Furanei" he was one of the first suppliers of diving cruises.
Trying to describe Stolli...
... the word "hard shell, soft core" comes to my mind.
He sometimes - ok, often - seemed a bit grumpy. But once he opened his heart, he was a very loyal and straightforward friend. The hobby-chef often invited his friends and told countless funny anecdotes  - ideally accompanied by a nice glass of Rioja.

Until 2015, Stolli was the captain of his beloved boat Gabriela. In August 2016, he died at the age of 79 years.
We will always miss him.
Stolli also was a pioneer of underwater photography.

rip stolli
2004 - the arrival of Maria and Tom
Maria and Tom have been involved since 2004 - initially with Stolli and his partner Ade.

Now Maria and Tom are running Stolli's Divebase.

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