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Published by in newsletter 2019 · 7 February 2019
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The year started well with the exhibition "Boot" in Dusseldorf.
Thanks to all visitors, interested guests and the crew, who supported us so much!
in the picture: Stefan, Dierk, Anja, Maria, Tom

In fact, the week at the exhibition went so well that we are
fully booked for the first week of October, from 28.09. until 05.10.2019.
We are looking forward to a nice week with the divers from Hessen, Germany 😃

As announced in the January-newsletter, our brandnew website is online now! Have a look and tell us what you think about it...
Additionally to the new design, it's https encrypted now. If it still starts in http, just give your language-button a click 😉

To give a little extra-value to the new design, our website now contains this little blog...
So far there's last months' newsletter, we'll fill the blog with life when the season starts.

Before the season starts...
... we'll travel a little bit ourselves.

Due to time-difference and uncertain internet connection it will be a bit harder to get in contact with us between Feb. 10th and March 9th.
But don't worry, we will take care of all inquiries as quickly as possible, it might just take a bit longer 👌

We'll re-open the divebase in Tamariu at Easter, probably Good Friday, April 19th.
Hoping to see you this year in Tamariu,

all the best,
Maria, Tom and all STOLLIS 👌

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